What is your Brand

Video and Why You Need It in your Business
November 12, 2016

What is your Brand

Building your brand is very important rather your in business for your self or not. Everyone has one but what does yours say about you? Does it really represent you and what you want people to see you as?

So many people think that branding is simply something that only big businesses need to be worried about.  Surprisingly enough Everyone, yes EVERYONE has a brand.  Yes, you have a brand already.  I can prove it to you.  Do you have a facebook account, snap chat, Instagram, Twitter, or even a Pintress pin board? Well then my friend you also have a brand. Social media is an open space on the web and people will go and watch your every comment , follow you, or even like your posts.  Maybe they will even connect to you and send you a few emojis or a few hearts, that is if they are feeling your brand.

See everything you do on social media rather you know it or not tells those that don’t see you often or don’t know you other wise WHO you are and WHAT you stand for. It tells them what you like or don’t like and where you are at any given time or day.  Ok, Ok so Tene I get it I have a brand now what???? Well, you have to be sure your branding your self like a BOSS!

If you are in business for yourself then this is very important so you should definitely listen up or this can be damaging to your business!! 

Have you noticed what it says as soon as you sign into your Facebook account?  It says “What’s on your mind” ?  Many people take this literally and blast away what comes off the top of their heads not caring the slightest bit who it may offend or piss off.  I mean have you ever seen a post get blown so much out of proportion that people were at each others throats? I’m sure you have seen more than a few as these seem to be the ones that get the most hits.  We all break out our popcorn and enjoy it like it was the next hit drama series on prime time.  Although that may be entertaining it can be detrimental to a brand.  If you are not strategic in posting content that complements your brand or your shows off your knowledge you will lack following…..and NEWS FLASH when you lack following in the business world that means no Benjamin’s! Girl, your paypal will be on empty!!! No, coins at all.  So, in short lets not do this. We are here to build a huge tribe of followers that are waiting on our products, our services, or what we have to say!!! I mean we are BOSS CHICKS right!!! Well BOSS CHICKS know how to build huge tribes and they lead the masses!

If this post is helpful to you like and share it. If you are building a brand and want some help standing out let’s chat.  I love to help ya out with that.  Drop me a line and let’s set your business on fiyaaa!!!!!





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